Some recommended blogs and websites. I haven’t finished this list yet…

Excellent Blogs / Tumblrs

Amused Grace
The Baptist’s Head
Charmed, I’m Sure

Cat’s Journal
Erin’s Journal
The Crossroads Companion
Gede Parma
Graveyard Dirt
The Hermetic Library
Joyful Abandon
The Juggler
Little City Witch
Magic of the Ordinary
Miron Mihei
Naked Oak
Occult Experiments in the Home
Pagan By Design
Root and Rock
Rune Soup
Pagan Princesses
Sacred Circle of the Inner Flame
Step Away from the Cauldron
The Princess and the Sea
The Silver Spiral
Standing At The Centre
Stephanie Gunn
Strategic Sorcery
Walking the Hedge
A Journey Into the Wildwood
The Witch of the Forest Grove


Internet Sacred Texts Archive – if you don’t go anywhere else, this archive is your one stop shop
Godchecker – Your Guide to the Gods – a fun guide to deities of different cultures
Witches’ Voice – awesome and terrible articles, still the pagan community in summation
The Wild Hunt – the best blog for pagan news
Chaos Matrix – cool archive of chaos magic junk
Phil Hine’s PDF e-Books – download ‘Oven Ready Chaos’ as a good starter on chaos 101
The Ultimate Sigil Magic Guide at Rune Soup – details on what sigil magic is, and how to do it by one of my favourite chaos-flavoured bloggers
Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn

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