Best Of

An easy to find list of my most favourite, and most popular posts here at The Chaos Witch.

Chaos Witchcraft

Unicorns: The Post Modern Magic Magnet
Kallisiti: Mysteries of the Apple
The Horned Goddess
The Happy Squirrel
Gnosis and Sacred Geometry in ‘Bubble Witch Saga’
How I Joined the Eristocracy
Definition of a Chaos Witch – I have evolved somewhat with some of the assertions I made here, but it was a good starting point for me.
Charging a Sigil with iPhone Apps

Ranting and Raving

Karma is Not Your Bitch – on the use of the word karma
‘Harm None’? I Gotta Problem With You – on the Wiccan Rede
Fluff You! – on fluffy bunnies
Is Your Body a Temple? – on body image in the pagan community… this article needs an update, though.
Curse Shaming – No. Just no.
Label Anxiety and the Community – Controversy in the Pagan Bottle – on the annoying neo umbrella and the pagan/polytheist debate
Reflexivity, the Cult of Personality, and Other Hideous Things – on the ego, witchcraft and the Internet

Southern Hemisphere Practice & Sabbats

Big Wheel Keep on Turning – Jamming the Wheel into Southern Hemisphere Progressive Witchcraft – breaking away from the sabbats
Easter for Southern Hemisphere Pagans

Autumn Flows- It’s Time, It’s Time!
Fire and Water- the Alchemy of Lughnassad Down Under
Winsol Blessings


My Modest Tarot Collection
Dice Magic 101
Witchy Tools: My Wand
Charging a Sigil with iPhone Apps

If you’ve got any suggestions on particular topics you’d like me to cover, or any questions that you have about my practice, please leave them in the comments below!

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