About the Chaote

My name is Lee. I’m a witch who lives Western Australia. I’ve been actively practising as a witch for about seven years, studying for a bit longer. I am also an artist- I paint expressionistic/surreal/fantasy art which forms a part of my spiritual practice.

I circle with a coven and I have a robust solitary practice, too. I regularly interact with the local pagan community and I occassionally write for local publications, including as a columnist for Spirit and Spell magazine. I am on a path of constant learning and adaptation.

To best describe my beliefs, I rather like this quote by Ray Sherwin;

The antithesis of chaos, cosmos, is the universe suitably defined by the successful magician for his own purposes and that definition is under constant scrutiny and may be regularly changed. Chaos is expressive of this philosophy and reinforces the idea that there is no permanent model for the individual’s relationship with everything that he is not. The word encompasses not only those things we know to be true but also what we suspect may be true as well as the world of impressions, paranoias and possibilities.

If there were anything such as a Chaos Credo it would run on the following lines: I do not believe in anything. I know what I know (gnosis) and I postulate theories which may or may not enter my system of adopted beliefs when those theories have been tested. There are no gods or demons, except for those I have been conditioned into acknowledging and those I have created for myself. I create and destroy beliefs according to their usefulness. In the words of the wise “nothing is true, everything is permitted” – provided it interferes with no-one.

The Mission

I was recently inspired to become more accountable in my practice my DOING more instead of just talking so much! I aim to blog regularly about what inspires me, document my personal rituals and use this blog as a mirror book of sorts in addition to a supplementary Book of Shadows. I hope to post at least once a week.

Contact & More Links

I’m everywhere, man!

Quantum Painter– my art blog
Sacred Circle of the Inner Flame– my coven’s blog that I frequently post to

9 thoughts on “About

  1. hello,

    I dont know how can I started.I thought about that very long and I decide to write you. I have some dreams sometimes about future sometimes about past that I didnt live. I can feel something inside but I cant explain.. actually I sometimes think that you are crazy and there is no such a thing called spell or energy. I read someting but must of them are enjoying about witch craft . and now I am writing to you because your writing seems true to me but I .just want to know someting real I hope you can help me or you can only give me things that .ı can read If you help me I will be happy.=) and sorry for my english it is not my native language so its hard to write something with it.. thank you

  2. Greetings and Salute, I wish to say thank you for your words and insight. Some of which I agree with and some which I don’t as regards to my own spiritual journey, but the words are yours and your spiritual journey so thank you for sharing them. I would like to post your words to my own covens yahoo group sight, I believe that there are many within our little group that could benifit from them. I would also like to post a link to your site. Please let me know if either or both of these are permitted. May you continue to question the ways and paths of the journey

    • Hi LaVonia, that is no problem at all. I post this blog in a public sphere after all which means I am happy for it to be shared. If there are any further thoughts you or anyone from your coven would like to share, I love talking about different journeys (obviously!) so please encourage people to visit and comment if they feel the need to.

      Thanks, Lee.

  3. Do you read much Robert Anton Wilson? If not do please have a look at his work, especially Cosmic Trigger and Prometheus Rising. I know it’s a bit rude to jump on someone’s blog and throw a reading list at them, but I am assuming you are already familiar with Wilson. He and Chaos Magic seem to be snuggled up nicely in bed together.

    • No, not rude at all! I think it would be hard not to run into RAW’s works and be involved in chaos magic, unbelievably I have never gotten around to reading any of his books. I shall amend that in the future, no doubt 🙂

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